Thursday, April 27, 2017

Vegetable medley

Vegetable medley



Did not think it would be as flavored as it was, Delightful!!

Actually good! I have made this several occasions. My husband requested I make this for visitors coming tomorrow. I also have made substitutions most any vegetable suitable for stir frying would taste excellent.

This is truly, genuinely excellent! I consider it lends itself effectively to substitutions--I nixed the cabbage because I did not want to make a special journey to the store it was still Extremely tasty.

Rapid and so easy to make and it tastes good also! I subbed cauliflower for the cabbage. I created this as a side dish for a dinner. Everybody loved it. Subsequent day for lunch tossed some of the leftover veggies with some diced chicken breast. Extremely good.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pork sausage recipes

Pork sausage recipes

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hamentashen recipe

Hamentashen recipe

It’s that time of yr again… time to break out the bakeware and get into a “triangular” state of thoughts! The Jewish holiday of Purim is all about triangle-shaped foods– traditional Jewish baked goodies like bourekas, sambusak, and of course hamantaschen cookies. In the story of Purim, it is stated that the villain Haman wore a triangular hat all over the place he went. Triangular foods like hamantaschen have three corners to represent Haman’s hat. My husband grew up in Israel calling these cookies oznei haman, which translates from Hebrew to “Haman’s ears.”Apparently, in some versions of the story, haman has triangular ears. There is also a concept out there that Haman had triangular pockets, considering that the word hamantaschen practically translates from Yiddish as “Haman’s pockets” (I have a tendency to believe the translation has more to do with the fact that these cookies are filled, like small pockets of dough). A far more poetic interpretation links the three corners of the triangle shape to the 3 founding fathers of Judaism—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Whatever the purpose, it’s classic to eat triangular meals like hamantaschen on Purim… so consume them we need to!

I hit on this Dairy Totally free Hamantaschen recipe soon after a number of many years of experimenting in the kitchen, looking for a foolproof hamantaschen dough. I’m a perfectionist, so my go-to dough needs to be totally excellent! I had a extended list of criteria for the dough. I wanted it to have the following qualities:

– Simple to roll out

– Won’t expand/open close to the filling when baked

– Does not contain margarine or shortening

– Bakes up delicate with a wonderful texture (not heavy)

– Great taste that will compliment any variety of sweet filling

This dough satisfies all the criteria… it is actually a wonderful dough. It does not call for refrigeration ahead of rolling out. It’s also really simple to work with– the “feel” of the dough is terrific. It’s the very best texture I’ve developed for rolling and shaping. Most importantly, it produces the tastiest hamantaschen ever. My family is in love with these cookies!

You can use any hamantaschen filling you like with this dough I’ve linked to the filling recipes accessible on my website below (the two dairy and non-dairy fillings). The important to a good filling is to make certain it is thick enough to avert working, but not so thick that it bakes up dry or challenging. All of these filling recipes are tasty, and they all have the correct texture for use in hamantaschen. I will update this list of fillings as I include new ones to the internet site.

Hamantaschen Fillings

Favor a butter-based mostly hamantaschen dough? Click here for my Buttery Hamantaschen recipe. To find out far more about the vacation of Purim, click here.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Passover meal

Passover meal

Seder, (Hebrew: “order”) religious meal served in Jewish homes on the 15th and 16th of the month of Nisan to commence the festival of Passover (Pesa). Though Passover commemorates the Exodus, the historical deliverance of the Jewish folks from Egyptian bondage in the days of Moses (13th century bce ), Jews are ever mindful that this event was a prelude to God’s revelation on Mount Sinai. For each participant, for that reason, the seder is an event to relive the Exodus as a personal spiritual occasion. The religious nature of the seder with its very carefully prescribed ritual tends to make the dinner very in contrast to family dinners held on civil holidays. Reform Jews and Jews in Israel omit the 2nd seder due to the fact they restrict Passover to 7 days.

The head of the household, having normally donned a white ritual gown (kittel), begins the ceremony by sanctifying the holiday with a benediction (Qiddush) more than a cup of wine. In all, 4 cups of wine (arba kosot) will be drunk at specified intervals.

After all have washed their hands, the master of the seder presents celery or one more raw vegetable (karpas) dipped in vinegar or salt water to all participants. Then a shank bone, symbolic of the Paschal lamb eaten in ancient instances, and (commonly) a tough-boiled egg, symbolic of God’s loving kindness (or, according to some, a mournful reminder of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem), are eliminated from the seder plate, although all recite a prayer.

Following a second cup of wine is poured, the youngest little one asks 4 standard queries about the unusual ceremonies: “Why does this evening differ from all other nights? For on all other nights we eat both leavened or unleavened bread why on this evening only unleavened bread? On all other nights we eat all sorts of herbs why on this night only bitter herbs? On all other nights we need to have not dip our herbs even when why on this evening should we dip them twice? On all other nights we eat both sitting up or reclining why on this evening do we all recline?”

The ready solutions, recited by all in unison, give a spiritual interpretation to the customs, even though some elements of the feast had been doubtless copied from Greco-Roman banquets. In essence, the narration (Haggada) is the story of the Exodus. This special element of the seder celebration keeps alive sacred Jewish traditions that are repeated by succeeding generations at every single seder meal.

All once more wash their hands, then consume unleavened bread (matza) and bitter herbs (maror) dipped into a mixture of crushed fruits and wine, signifying that freedom and spiritual progress are the reward of suffering and sacrifice. At this level the meal is eaten.

When all have eaten and recited grace, a third cup of wine is poured to express thanksgiving to God. As the ritual moves towards its conclusion, psalms of praise (Hallel, previously read in element) are recited in unison and a fourth cup of wine is poured to acknowledge God’s loving providence. Some add a fifth cup of wine (which is not drunk) in honour of Elijah, whose visual appeal at some potential seder will signify the advent of the Messiah. Typically folk songs are sung after the meal.

This post was most lately revised and up to date by Alison Eldridge, Digital Content material Manager.

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