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Chicken paprikash

Chicken paprikash

What is Chicken Paprikash?

Going back to its origins in Hungary, the dish is named “Papriks Csirke”, which practically implies “Paprika Chicken.” As the identify would imply, its namesake spice plays a main part in the flavor of the dish, which provides it a similar flavor profile to other Hungarian stews this kind of as Goulash.

Like its Russian cousin Beef Stroganoff, this Magyar traditional has managed to perform its way from relative obscurity into the hearts and stomachs of comfort foods seekers all around the planet. For my edition, I like to make it with bone-in pieces of chicken, fresh green peppers, sour cream, and of course: tons of paprika.

Components for Chicken Paprikash

Whilst chicken breast meat can be scrumptious when cooked to the correct temperature, it’s very lean, which is why it gets dry and mealy when overcooked. Because stews like this Chicken Paprikash demand longer cooking times, I very recommend making use of leg meat such as thighs and drumsticks.

I also advise using bone-in skin-on chicken which not only adds far more taste to the sauce, it also keeps the chicken moist and juicy. The one exception is if you are in a hurry. It won’t be fairly as flavorful, but you can shave about thirty minutes off the cooking time if you use boneless thigh meat lower into cubes. Just adhere to all the very same methods and minimize the volume of chicken to about 600 grams.

You’ll want to use excellent Hungarian paprika. I’m not saying this due to the fact I have a difficulty with paprika from other nations (I have four cans of Spanish paprika in the pantry). Nor is this about some misguided loyalty to the dish’s roots. My recommendation is just a useful one, as there are so many distinct sorts of paprika. With colors ranging from orange to blood red, tastes running from spicy to sweet, and flavors going from smoky to fruity, the paprika landscape can get a minor complicated.

Fortunately in Hungary, the national spice is divided into eight grades, every single one particular with its unique qualities. The one that’s most frequently identified in the US is referred to as des nemes or “noble sweet” which is complete-bodied, fruity, and a gorgeous vermillion hue best for Chicken Paprikash.

Whilst paprika provides the primary flavoring for its eponymous dish, I very first realized to make this dish from a Hungarian lady who always added some fresh green peppers to her Paprikash. The variation in between red peppers and green ones is how ripe they are when they’re picked. This is why red peppers have a tendency to be sweeter whilst green peppers have a tendency to have a much more concentrated taste than their completely ripened counterparts.

I’ve attempted creating this with and with no incorporating fresh peppers, and I’ve located that incorporating green peppers provides the dish a far more robust flavor. I utilized a nearby assortment of green chili referred to as Piiman, but any mild green pepper this kind of as Bell, Cubanelle, or Yellow Wax Peppers (a.k.a. Banana peppers) will operate.

Sour Cream

Chicken Paprikash is finished off with a generous dollop of sour cream. This adds a mild tang, balancing out the richness of the stew whilst imparting a roundness that adds depth and dimension to this humble dish. It won’t be very the exact same, but if you’re striving to minimize back on body fat, a strained yogurt does a rather good occupation as a substitute for sour cream. Lastly, if you need to make this kosher, you can use raw cashew nuts pureed with water and a bit of lemon juice in a blender to approximate the richness and acidity of the sour cream.

How to Make Chicken Paprikash

For my Paprika Chicken, I like to create a robust basis of umami by browning the chicken in batches. Then the onions and peppers get caramelized in the exact same pot. To this base layer of flavor, the paprika gets added and sauteed for a handful of seconds. The high temperature helps the spice release its total bouquet of aromas, specifically if your paprika isn’t the freshest. Just be cautious not to burn up it as it’s straightforward to do, and will make your sauce bitter.

Up coming, some chicken stock goes in ahead of the chicken gets extra back and simmered till the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. Last but not least, a roux of sour cream and flour is made to thicken the sauce, but you don’t want to include it immediately to the stew. Since including cold sour cream to a scorching liquid will make it curdle, it’s essential to temper the mixture by slowly introducing the hot cooking liquid to the roux until finally it is warm, before incorporating it to the pot.

What to serve with Chicken Paprikash

The classic pairing is a modest Hungarian dumpling called Nokedli. They’re created with eggs and flour and can be ready from scratch while you’re waiting for the chicken to cook. In the US, Paprika Chicken is typically served with egg noodles, but I locate the craggy surface of Nokedli is better suited for hanging onto the delicious Paprikash sauce. Other suitable choices include boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, or bread.

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Stuffed pork chops

Stuffed pork chops



I've made this recipe a handful of instances and it rocks. I make no deviations and it comes out moist and delicious. Please do not alter the recipe and give your edition a lower rating. If yours was dry you may have incorrectly measured your elements or over cooked them. My only believed is that I never ever get all of the stuffing in the pocket so I cook the excess on leading of the chops. Thanks for sharing your "further particular" recipe, Bessie.

Good all round recipe, but I would also recommend utilizing dried bread cubes (little) rather than crumbs also make in 1 skillet with a sauce/“gravy” at the finish. I didn’t use cranberries, but that would give this a Thanksgiving taste. Thanks!

Scrumptious! Use good bread crumbs

This recipe functions properly utilizing my electric skillet with lid. I brown the chops and finish the cooking with one pan. Hubby and all four ladies adore this!

It was just stuffing in a pork chop. It seemed a bit dry.

Loved this recipe! Thanks so considerably! I will certainly be producing this much more typically. I also baked mine in the very same pan I browned the meat in. Husband gave it a massive thumbs up.

I seem forward to producing this for the following 50 years! Thank you for this tasty recipe!

This smells so very good! I utilised gluten free of charge coating on the chops ahead of browning. Boxed stuffing mix in the chops as a quick-lower, (and due to the fact my dh loves that things!)

I utilised total wheat panko instead of bread crumbs. I then baked the pork chops in the same pan I browned them in. Soon after they had been bake via, I removed them additional a little much more chicken broth and a pat of butter and created a sauce to best them. Yummy.

These had been wonderful! My loved ones loved them! I doubled the recipe and produced four chops and 4x's the stuffing. Also, for the stuffing I employed one/two Pepperidge Farm stuffing and one/two outdated bread! It was so good! This will definitely be a staple in my kitchen!

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Pan fried fish

Pan fried fish

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Pan Fried Fish- Grandma Type is a scrumptious way to consume fish, like the grandma utilised to make it. No preservatives, or other weird components. Scrumptious!

Pan Fried Fish- Grandma Style

Grandma Elisabeta, my mother’s mom, was a excellent cook. She loved bringing us collectively about her dining table every Sunday and cook delicious meals for all of us . Her pies have been wonderful.

Her pilaf with chicken was to die for and her sour soups, a extremely conventional Romanian way to cook soups, had been remarkable.

I miss her at times. I wish she would be nonetheless close to to display me her secrets in the kitchen.

This recipe of pan fried fish is, once more, a really effortless and tasty one. Grandma utilised to make fried fish extremely often, especially in the summer, in her tiny back yard summer time kitchen.

Practically nothing fancy in the kitchen, feel me…

I heard numerous folks saying that if they would have a bigger kitchen with plenty of modern day utensils and big ovens, they would be able to make much better meals.

My grandma had a small gas stove with gasoline tanks, and a small table, couple of pots and pans and lots of talent to make a wonderful meal out of straightforward substances.

In my recipe, I utilized cod. Cod, at least in my humble view, has a great texture and doesn’t fall apart like tilapia, for illustration.

Any type of fish would work even though. Aside from the fish, you will require some flour and vegetable oil for frying. That’s it!

Some people might prefer a mixture of flour and corn meal. My grandmother employed that one as well.

I guess it is just a matter of preference and any approaches are fine. The combination of corn meal and flour will make the crust crunchier, the flour will make it smoother.

Each are delicious.


Ahead of you start off frying the fish, make certain it is totally dry. Extra moisture lowers the temperature of the oil. Also, when you put water in hot oil, it generates splashes and you may possibly effortlessly get burns. Oil burns are nasty, so be cautious.

Put together a plate or a bowl with flour. Season the flour with salt and pepper. Be generous. Also, do not use any herbs, they burn up in the oil and change the taste of the fish.

Get pieces of fish and toss them in flour. Make confident the fish is covered completely.

Spot a massive skillet on the stove, on medium heat, and pour vegetable oil in it, about 2 inches deep.

Grandma’s tip for checking if the oil is hot ample for frying:

If you insert a wooden spoon into the oil, the oil will bubble all around the stick when it’s ready for frying. If you have a thermometer, the temperature need to be in between 300-325F, and you should aim to keep it that way.

When the oil is sizzling, gently place coated fish in the skillet and fry for about five minutes on every single side until golden brown.

Don’t crowd the pieces of fish:

Frying in big batches will cause the temperature of the oil to drop as well minimal, resulting in a significantly less crispy (and much less tasty) completed product.

Between batches, hold your oil clean by scooping out any pieces of fish left behind.

Drain the fried fish on a paper towel-lined plate the paper towels will soak up far more oil than draining the fish on a wire rack.

Serve it with lemon wedges. It goes nicely with French Fries(created from scratch)

Voila! You just created fried fish, my grandma’s type.

I hope you enjoy it the very same way I enjoyed it while developing up!

Interested in much more recipes with fish?

Pan Fried Fish- Grandma Type

Pan Fried Fish- Grandma Type is a delightful way to eat fish, like the grandma utilized to make it. No preservatives, or other weird ingredients. Scrumptious!



  1. Grab a bowl and pour the all function flour in it.

  2. Pour about 2 inches of vegetable oil into a large skillet and set the skillet on the stove on medium substantial heat.

  3. Toss each piece of fish in the flour.

  4. Make confident the oil is scorching.

  5. Gently set coated fish in your skillet and fry it for about five minutes on every single side right up until golden brown.

  6. When the fish is golden brown on every side remove and drain on paper towels, then season with salt and pepper.

  7. Serve with lemon wedges.

What goes well with fish: French Fries, mashed potatoes or roasted ones, asparagus, green beans, cooked peas.

Chicken paprikash

What is Chicken Paprikash? Going back to its origins in Hungary, the dish is named “Papriks Csirke”, which practically implies “Paprika Ch...